Jarosław Staniek - director, choreographer

Born in Sandomierz, Poland.

His dance career starts from the street dance. Trained in other dance techniques / modern dance, classical, contemporary, pantomime, acrobatics, etc. /

After receiving diploma he starts professional career as a dancer and choreographer. In 1992 together with his legendary dance group P' 89 Dance Company is awarded the Polish Journalist's Prize.

First work in theatre was choreography for West Side Story / 1992, Musical Theatre in Gdynia /

He directed and prepared choreography for polish versions of musical hits such as: Chicago, Hair, Chess, Jesus Christ Superstar, Footloose, Fame, Grease.

As a choreographer he was working in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Netherland.

The artist is a winner of polish prestigious prize / Golden Mask / for the choreography for musical Footloose.

He is the creator of the first Polish dance show Opentaniec, broadcast "live" during the concert "Welcome Europe" for 300 million viewers across Europe and in special exhibitions in Brussels and Athens. Production was prepared to celebrate of Poland's accession to the European Union.

Staniek received an Gdynia City Mayor Award for the choreography to Midsummer Night Dream, "trans-opera" based on Shakespeare's play with the music of the most popular Polish jazzman of the last years, Leszek Możdżer.

He was a director and a choreographer of hip-hop musical "12 ławek" / 12 benches /.

The performance was his back to the street culture, freestyle and the rhythm of the city. It was a great artistic success with the participation of the biggest stars of polish hip-hop.

He went back to the street culture again in 2010 with project Metropolish - The Telesocjostory create as theatre performance and artistic street happening. It has great reviews and was a big commercial success.

In 2006, in an abandoned mine has created a dance performance Chodnik 05. The performance inspired by the film Metropolis is constantly played dozens of meters under the ground in Poland, and was presented at several dance festivals in Europe.

One of the latest success is musical performance Master and Margharet based on the unforgettable Bulkhakov's book. The performance is presented in the Musical Theater Capitol in Wroclaw.

Jarosław Staniek was also the choreographer of many tv shows, films and cinema productions (f.e The FLying Machine , 3D family movie starring Heather Graham with music of Chopin played by Lang Lang )

He created choreography of Pre-Match Ceremonies UEFA EURO 2012 at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

In September, 2015 will be premiere of polish musical movie "Córki Dancingu" with his choreography.

He prepared choreography also for classical ballets, operas and operettas / Carmen, Romeo and Julliet, Il Trovatore, Cavalleria Rusticana , Pagliaci, La Belle Helene /

do góry do góry | E-mail: jaroslawstaniek@jaroslawstaniek.pl | jaro.staniek@wp.pl

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